Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another long day...inside...

Today is going to be another long day. Something has possessed Christian to be getting up before the sun again (which happens to be 6am most days). Then he is unhappy and whines most of the morning. It isn't even 8am and I can just's going to take a miracle to get both of us through today.

It rained again last night and this morning the mosquitoes were pounding at the back sliding door. That means I will not going out there with Christian. We will get eaten alive and that is neither fun nor pleasant. Matt is considering getting one of those fogger doo-dads that supposedly get rid of them. Going outside is what helps me break up the day with the kiddo. So, we have to find something to help us!!

So, that is our morning in a nutshell! After taking a break writing the first part of this blog and running after the kiddo, it is now 9am. I have put him down for a nap because hitting, slapping, swinging, and throwing things at Mommy...all while whining his head off...constitutes as early nappage for the toddler.

~~On to last nights events~~

Yesterday evening was somewhat eventful, even though we didn't actually LEAVE the house until almost 7pm! Matt wanted to look at something in electronics so we headed out. But to my surprise he said that we should look at cameras! Now, this was a HUGE shock to me. He usually wants to buy some sort of 'toy' for himself...but he thought of ME this time! He said that we needed a new camera because the one we have is crappy and keeps sucking up the juice in batteries. We also needed something that would hold more pictures and videos. He even let me pick it out!! It's a Sony Cybershot and it's PINK!!!!! :) I'm very excited about it. I will be playing with it this week and getting some pictures and vids for your viewing pleasure. ha ha


Speaking of pics and vids! WE FINALLY GOT THE PICTURE RESIZING PROGRAM UP AND WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means that you will finally get to see some more pictures of the kiddo and MAYBE a few of the belly. I don't remember how many have been taken since I last updated the site. Probably not many...two at most.

So ladies and gents, please stay tuned and keep checking the website. I'll post here on the blog as well when I get some pages up! Hooray!!!


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