Sunday, August 10, 2008

Christian is getting so big!

It has been a fun, interesting, and exhausting few weeks with Christian. He has amazed us both with the things he 'says' and does.

We'll start with his words -

The word 'Dadda' is BACK into the vocabulary!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Looking in his baby book it was waaaay back when he was 9 months that he said it. Now at 16 months he is finally saying it again. Matt is thrilled of course. :-) Christian gets this little grin on his face when he says it because he knows that we have been wanting him to say it forever. Then sometimes he will say Momma just to tease! What a stinker.

Also, the monkey sound is now universal. "Oo oo" is what a puppy, and most any other animal we ask about, says. So I think we have some work to do there.

The word "baby" is also being said! He knows that I point to my belly and say there is a baby in there and to kiss her. Sometimes he will do it without me asking so that is fun.

This is a picture Matt took from his phone of Christian kissing his baby sister. :-)

I wish I had the camera every time that Christian goes off on a rant. He waves his arms, points, yells, stomps around a bit. Wish I knew what he was saying!! There is a bit of it at the beginning of a video I got last week. I'll post that on the website ASAP.

Now onto his antics!!

He crawled onto the couch yesterday!! That means big trouble for Mommy! I have to watch him extra careful now to see if he does it again. He tried this morning but must not have remembered how he did it the first time. He whined when he couldn't do it.

He also knows how to climb other things. This is after he crawled on his hands and knees onto the ledge, squeezed in, and then sat on his butt. He then proceeded to 'slide' out the side and want to get back in to do it all over....oh boy!

He also takes a few breaks here and there while running around the house. He figured this:

was a good spot to relax and catch a bit of Noggin on TV before crawling out and heading down the hallway. Silly boy. :-)

Yesterday (Saturday) I was at a baby shower all afternoon. I didn't get home until close to 7pm!! Matt was amazing and spent all afternoon with Christian! Truly made my day. So when I walk in the door he is standing on the couch and SQUEALS with delight that I'm home! It was one of the cutest moments and melted my heart. :-) I love that kid.
Then this morning we walk into the bedroom to get Daddy up and he squeals for him! Amazing! Just the things he does to let us know that he loves us and is excited to see us. Couldn't ask for more. We need to soak up these moments before he is 15 and hates us!

Christian has found a new body part! No, not the one you might be thinking....that was a few months ago. :-( This body part happens to be his NOSTRIL! Ugh!! His fingertip has found the opening on his face. Boo-hoo-hoo. I'm not looking forward to him picking boogers, possibly EATING them, and perhaps wiping it on surfaces that should not have the presence of bodily materials. Thank goodness for travel packs of Kleenex that are everywhere! :-)

Oh...and his laughing fits. Love them. They are great. We were calling him The Joker one morning because he would do a fake laugh at everything! He laughed just to laugh.

I could just go on and on about all the little things that he does. I want to have cameras in every corner of every room just to catch it all!

Okay, I've babbled enough for now. I will hopefully be posting some pictures and videos to the website in the next few days! Keep an eye open.

Keefer Clan

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