Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am a moron....

This may come as a shock to some of you but I lack common sense about 95% of the time!! Let's take my most recent experience with my dead phone.

So, as I blogged, Christian decided that it was a good idea to throw my phone into the sink of water. It was on for a very short time after and then it died. I thought it was gone forever since it would no longer respond to my resuscitation efforts of blowing into the battery slot, airing it out, tapping (ever so lightly, of course), and telling it sweet nothings.

Well, Matt said to me last night "Plug it into the charger". Me thinking "As if that will magically return my phone from the depths of which it came in the sink".

What happens? The Black Screen of Death turned into my pretty Verizon welcome screen!!!! The little jingle of the phone brought a tear to my eye. We don't have to get me a new phone!!! *happy dance*

I would love to blame it on the fetus growing within...but, no, I cannot. This is something that has happened on a regular basis since I met Matt. :) Thanks to his pure common sense of plugging a dead phone into a reviving charger I can now have communications with whom I please, when I please. I should bake that man a cake!!

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