Friday, August 29, 2008

HOORAY for utensils!

I tried a long time ago for Christian to use a fork and spoon. Gave them to him at meals, let him try them out, showed him how to use them. It quickly became a game of seeing how fast Mommy's reflexes were so she could catch the flying object before it broke something! So I just gave up and didn't let him have them period. I wasn't going to have food all over the floor three times a day nor was I going to pick up a fork 20 times at each meal.

So fast forward to this morning. Matt made scrambled eggs. Christian saw the fork and eggs and wanted some even though he was having his peanut buttered toast. I figured eggs might be an easy thing to push around on his tray and gave him the fork and some eggs. HE STABBED IT AND ATE IT!!! EEE!!!! I was thrilled! I grabbed the camera and took some pictures I was so happy!

So when I went and got milk I bought him his very own big boy set. :) I also got a few pictures of him stabbing a hot dog for lunch! I'm such a dork. I'm just so proud!

Getting all excited b/c I was:

Direct stabbage:


Hotdog for lunch:


Oh, how I love him!

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Kelipso said...

CUTE! Cohen has just really gotten into using a fork and spoon lately too... it thrills me LOL! Its freakin cute to see such a littler person being all civilized hahaha