Monday, August 18, 2008

Christian's first dentist appointment!!

Was today!

He did...well... For what I expected anyways! I knew that he wouldn't like somebody other than Mommy or Daddy trying to dig around in his mouth. He didn't like the swirly rubber thing that puts on the cleaner stuff, or the water sprayer, OR the suction tube. But I knew he wouldn't be too fond! He sat on my lap and I had to hold his arms and help steady his head so they could look at his teeth, count them, and make sure they were there.

The gal didn't want to do too much but I was okay with it. It has to be done sooner or later. The first month or two of brushing Christian's teeth when he was little were torture. I literally held his forehead under my armpit, wrapped my legs around his, and waited until he hollered so I could shove in the toothbrush! So it will just take time. :)

But a good report for his first dentist visit! He has 15 teeth...missing an eye tooth on top but I had noticed that before I took him in. They said that if it doesn't come in by 24 months or with his second year molars that he will need an x-ray to see if he has one or not. I guess that tooth is the most common for people to not even have in the first place!

So...taking after Daddy with his crazy tooth antics. Dad born with one and Son might be missing one all together! :)

I wish I would have gotten a picture of us there but I know that he was quite nervous. I brought his blankey and everything for him to hold. Glad I did because he sure buried his face in it after he was done getting prodded! haha

He was thrilled for a new toothbrush! He wanted to play with the bristles but it was in the plastic package so he got mad and threw it. It has these fun little plastic pellets in the handle that move all around so I will have to show him that tonight when we brush his teeth again. He was happy to get out of there and even managed a 'bye-bye' wave in between shoving his face in my shoulder and whimpering! :)

Successful day at the dentist for Christian!

....Now it's MY turn on Wednesday!!!!!.....dun dun DUN!.....

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