Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vids of the baby bump.

I won't post these on the website. Just here for you to check out if you want to. I was bored during one of Christian's naps last week (even though he was up in the first video ;-) ) and Zuzu was having a party in my belly. I thought I would try and get a video of it!

They are somewhat boring but you can see a few good kicks! She kicks mostly to the left of my belly button. The first video you can see that my belly looks slightly lop-sided...that is because she loves to wedge herself to the left and use my ovary as a punching bag. :-) The second video she has her feet to the left and her head/hands to the she evened me out again. Again, probably boring (and longer than the first) but she gives me a few good kicks.

Enjoy them if you wish to look!


Kittieb said...

awww little zuzu is going to be a very active baby **teehee**
can't wait to meet her.

Karina said...

awww so wonderful! I always loved that about being preggo!