Friday, December 19, 2008

Added pictures!

Yes, you heard it here. I added pictures to the website. Go Here.

The link from 12-11 to 12-18 has THE BEST picture of Sarah EVER! At least to date anyways. :) She makes my heart melt.

Anyways - It's Friday and Matt has almost two weeks off! There was a 'Permissive TDY' that the Air Force established this month for the husbands to get paternity leave when their wives have kidlets. They are authorized 10 days within the first 60 days of birth. Matt is technically only taking three but it's working out for him to be home for almost two weeks. Yay! So it will be nice to have him home while Anne is here. :) We can go places all together.

Sarah is doing well as far as I can tell! I need to schedule her 2-month well baby visit soon. She probably won't get in until after the first of the year anyways. She is nursing constantly which is somewhat draining. Makes it very hard to go places with her. She still doesn't take the pacifier from me so when she gets worked up when we are out I have to nurse her. I'm still not that great at it so we just tend to make quick trips. I really hope that gets better. If it doesn't, I don't know what to do. I can't stay at home for months!!

Christian is good. Although not CLEARLY, he will say 'Here you go' when he hands you something. It's pretty cool in my book! We are trying to teach him colors with a book and with his legos. Slow going with that... He isn't dumb, that's for sure. He knows what is going on and gets the hang of things really quick. Have to be careful what he sees or else he will be doing it a second later!

So, all for now. I need to get Bubba in bed and myself into something more comfy so we can watch TV.

Don't forget to check out the pictures!

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