Saturday, December 13, 2008

I wish our lives were more interesting!

That's right, I said it. We are boring! Who knew!? haha

I just wish that we went places every day or did different things all the time so that I could share them with you all. Just not a lot of out and about for us!!

Sarah is cute as a button. She is so long now and is in quite a bit of 3 month outfits and some 6 months sleepers. I bought some leggings for her at Old Navy because she really didn't have a lot of bottoms. I put her in LOTS of polka dots the other day and I thought it was adorable. Matt said 'hideous'. :-( **click the picture to see the full view**
I admit...little much, but isn't she just PRECIOUS!?

Speaking of her sleepers. I had to get out some of Christian's old ones while I washed some of Sarah's. It was the strangest thing to have her in blue and nursing her. It was like Christian was a baby again! So unreal to look down and see the profile of Christian's face. Then it was strange to see her in pink again after I changed her the next day. Don't tell Sarah this, but it was fun to be with 'Christian' as a baby again!! :-)

And speaking of Christian's old clothes....I'm selling most of them. I took out the ones that I love and don't want to get rid of but I figured I better sell them to somebody who can use them now. It will be quite a few years before we have another. It was fun to go back down memory lane and recall all the times he wore the clothes. I'm keeping the overalls he came home from the hospital in, his first pair of shoes, some sleepers that I loved, and some outfits that are just darn cute. His clothes are going to a gal named Lynn that I met here at a Bunco game. She just had a son this October. I also made a blanket for her!

And speaking of Christian... :-) He is going through a growth spurt I think. He is just all over the attitude spectrum and has been sleeping longer during naps and even slept a full 12 hours last night.

He had a playdate today with the same girl from the park a few months ago. It was fun. They were going to go out back and play but it rained ALLLLL day yesterday so the backyard was just soaked and muddy. They had fun inside though and they played with Christian's toys and ran around in circles. It was fun to see and I hope to get them together and play more often. A pool date is next I think. They both enjoy the sprinklers at the pool near our house.

Matt took his final today. Thinks he didn't do all that great on it but even if he did bomb it, he will get a C in the class. So all is not lost, he passed!

I am well. Tired some days but that is to be expected with two kids under two!!

I better sign off. Christian had a late nap because of the playdate today and is now on a meltdown before bedtime!!

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