Saturday, March 3, 2007

Wish I had more pictures

Original 2-14-2007

I wish that I had more pictures to add to the photo albums!! I have been so busy with school work online and with Arbonne. Then when I get free time I hang out with Matt and we don't go anywhere. We are relaxing as much as possible before the end of March!

March will actually be a busy busy month for me! I have many things planned with Arbonne and I'm very excited about that....that means that I will potentially be making some money!! Then of course ANY time in March this baby could show up. But I'm ready. I have my bags packed!


Well, today is Valentine's day. I hope that I can get some pictures of us and post them later this week.

I will even try and get some pictures of the Arbonne booth at the base carnival this weekend...I would love to show you all what I've been up to this month. Laughing

XOXO, Crystal and the Peanut!

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