Saturday, March 3, 2007

A few relaxing days

Original 12-01-2006

Yesterday, and most likely today and tomorrow, will be relaxing days for us. Matt has to switch over to night shifts so he can work the exercise that will be happening at work. Twelve hour shifts for two weeks in a row...guess who isn't thrilled about this? Since most of his office is working these same shifts maybe they will make it easier on all of them for the following weeks (and upcoming Holiday)? One can only hope.
So to make up for the upcoming stressful weeks we have been watching movies and just hanging out.

Thanks to my Mom and Mum...I received some great gifts for the baby in the mail! You should see my face and hear my little squeels when I hold up cute onesies and toys! I have a large bin that is already starting to fill up with clothes. Laughing He will be dressed to impress! We now have a height chart as well. SO CUTE!
Speaking of the baby, I have a Labor and Delivery tour scheduled in a few weeks. So I guess that really means I have to pop this baby out, huh? We take the tour of the labor rooms, the recovery rooms, and all the general places that we will be visiting as the months progress. It's quite exciting but also nerve racking at the same time. I have passed the point where this baby could now live outside my body and possibly survivie if I happen to go into a spontaneous early labor...scary! Matt and I watched a "Birth Story" last night and there was a one pound baby (which is what our baby is at now) that was born and it was SOOOO tiny. "So bake all the way, mister!"

Well I suppose that about covers it for the last day...not much to update on when we haven't gone anywhere! Matt and I will most likely be going to the gym today. He is dragging me! Wink Hugs and Kisses to everyone!

Crystal and Peanut

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