Saturday, March 3, 2007


Original 01-16-2007

It's been a while since I have updated!! We are all doing very well. The past week has been quite uneventful. We tried to go bowling a few days ago but the power went out towards the end of the first game. So that ended our fun for the night. Good news is....I WAS BEATING MATT!!! Laughing

I got my package from you today Nancy!! So many cute things in there. I squeeled each time I pulled out something new. I love the sweater vest Winnie the Pooh outfit...he will be the cutest kid on the block wearing that. Smile

My dad had knee surgery early this morning. He did fine. Doesn't remember much and he is happy about that. And the big guy that he is...he almost fainted TWICE!! The pain was too much for him at times. He had to scoot up the stairs backwards and on his bum to get to the living room. He goes back for therapy on Thursday and is NOT looking foward to bending his knee. But he is a trooper and he will get better. He must if he is coming to Hawaii!! Cool


Oh!!! I have had a new revelation! I, Crystal Keefer, am going to cloth diaper our baby. I have been reading a TON on it and not only is it better for baby's bum and the will save us LOTS OF MONEY! Big plus there! I'm excited to try it out and figure out which diapers will work for the little guy. Matt is even all for it too. We figure it was done forever, up until 20-some years ago when they made disposables. If my grandma and mom can do it...I can too!! Very excited to try it out.

Well that is about all we have for an update for us. I have an appointment on the 24th..then I think I might go to every two weeks after that. Not too sure. I hope I go twice a month after this one because I know it will make time go a little faster.

We shall see!

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