Saturday, March 3, 2007

A few random things, The Nativity and my first MOPS meeting!

Original 12-06-2006

Since Matt has been on night shifts I have been trying to stay up later and later at night. This way I can sleep with him in the morning when get gets home..and it feels like we are 'spending time together'. Granted we are sleeping but at least I'm not in the other room bored to death while he is out cold. This has been working out well so far! He has a few more 12 hour shifts to go and then I think we might be able to go back to normal.

I am on a crafting kick the last few days. I have been making a lot of greeting cards and have been looking into expanding my collection. Maybe I can start selling my homemade cards on eBay and get some money back?! What do you think?


Last night, I joined a group of people from Bible Study and we went to the movies. The Nativity is what we saw...and it was fantastic!! Maybe not a movie for the younger kids (Herod, the murdering of the babies, etc) but it was definately a movie that us Christians need to see and promote. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!


So today (the 6th) I went to a MOPS meeting. Mothers of Pre-Schoolers is what MOPS stands for. And of course, I do not have a child yet but there are many pregnant women, along with the moms, who have heard about me (my friend Blanca watches their kids in a playroom during the meetings) and have wanted to meet me. I had struggled to get out of bed since I was sleeping most of the mornings due to Matt's schedule...but I am SOOO glad that I went! It was so much fun to meet other mothers and I think I will enjoy going back. This group is all military wives and very Christ centered. Each week is different, this week being a craft week, and other weeks being Bible Studys and/or discussion groups. I can't wait to learn more about these women and this wonderful group. Laughing


Well that is about all for now. Now I'm just waiting around for Matt's one day off so we can spend it doing nothing I'm sure haha. But he is looking foward to it a lot. As am I. I think the baby misses hearing his voice as well. Hope you all are having a great week so far!

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