Saturday, March 3, 2007

Welcome to our first family blog!

So Matt and I made this website to keep in touch with friends and family back on the Mainland. There is only so much that we are able to update on a Blogging here we come! We are going to try and blog as often as we can to let you know of the happenings here on Oahu.

Not much has happened this past week except our power went out for the third time since being here. Of course the first thing I thought of - "The MILK!" haha Milk is $4.99 a gallon and I just cringe every time I have to buy more. But luckily the power was out for only 10 minutes max.

I also had another OB appointment this morning. Everything is fine. I feel fine; baby is fine; Daddy is fine!

That about wraps up the first blog. Maybe tomorrow I will have more exciting news!

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