Saturday, March 3, 2007

Gecko...and NOT the car insurance!

Original 12-04-2006

Geckos are considered good luck here in Hawaii. If you find them in your home consider yourself blessed. We happen to have a gecko living in our kitchen. He goes from appliance to appliance and hides out underneath. Not only is he cute...he will eat the bugs that come in from the backyard! Laughing

Now for the gecko that tried to kill me tonight...

I was on my way to get my weekly craving of chicken nuggets from McDonald's tonight. It was nice and breezy so I thought I would open the window. I reach for the button, push it...then I see him!! A little one inch albino-looking gecko sitting on the top of the window ledge. Maybe he wanted McDonald's too. Needless to say, I about ran off the road, almost hit some cars and almost had a heart attack. I compose myself and sit still do he doesn't go leaping for me and then REALLY run me off the road!

Well I finally get to McDonald's and in the drive through. The window is already down so I get my pocketbook and try to shoe him out. He gave me a glare and scooted to the outside of the door. Phew, I'm home free! So just as I'm about to pull up and order he tries to get back IN the car with me. "No way, Jose!" I shoe him back out and he makes his way to the hood of the car...."and stay there!" I order, pick up my food and head back home.

As I pull up to a light...I see him again! He scurries to the windsheild wipers, plants his feet and wedges himself into the groove of the wiper and window. I think he is holding on for dear life for the journey back home with me. A few lights and right turns later...the gecko and I are safely back home. This little gecko sure didn't want to ask me about my car insurance.

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