Saturday, March 3, 2007

A few things on Matt's days off...

Original 12-14-2006

It has been a decent few days off. The first day was a little rough because we both needed to switch back to day shift. That was a doozy and we sure felt the blow of it. I think I felt it more than Matt did, though. But more on that a little later.

On Matt's second day off we went out to a few places. First stop was the gun store. We just browsed and found out about the VERY strict gun regulations here. Hawaii (and California) are the worst places to live if you are all about your gun collection! Second stop was the card store. Matt wanted to pick up some things but, alas, for the second time in a row that we have visited there, it has been closed. So since it was closed we walked down the strip to a pet store. There were two of the cutest little puppies in there that I wanted to take home with us. But of course we don't need THAT much excitement around this house! Laughing After the closed card store and the pet was Walmart!! I would be going to Wally World every day if it weren't so far away. It takes a bit to get there but, boy does the place tickle my fancy!

At Walmart we bought a cute crib set for the crib. I was just getting frustrated looking at an empty crib...and now it's decked out in a cute little animal themed set. I'll have to take a picture and add it to the webpage. After we put that in the cart I added just a few things that were adorable and just oh so precious. Matt added some 'I love Daddy' bibs and I threw in some cute bobby socks. Can't wait to put some cute little piglet toes into them!!

Now this is where my day went downhill. Embarassed I think, for the first time, I felt my contractions! Crystal does NOT like contractions! Basically felt like my stomach was getting stabbed with a few million needles. I was done for from that point on. I had to come home and lay down and ended up sleeping for about 4 hours. The joys of pregnancy!!! So now for the past two days I have felt completely off and my tummy is quite achey. I feel good...just tired.

Matt and I got the lawn-care done before my tummy started cramping today, though! And it needed some work. The trees are losing all their leaves and they ALL fall in OUR yard. Matt mulched them with the mower and we filled four HUGE bags. Good thing it was trash day today, too, because we missed it last week....again. So now that the outside has been spruced's the inside that needs some working on. I swear the kicthen is messy every day. We use SO many dishes for just the two of us. Oy vey...pretty soon there will be baby bottles galore!!

Not much else went on during our few days off. Just a lot of browsing the regular shops we go to and enjoying the time spent AWAKE together rather than sleeping together. Wink Friday is another day off for us and we might try and hit up the nice resaurant on base. We heard it has some awesome food and the view of the beach is quite nice as well. If I remember the camera I'll take some pictures of that as well!

Enough of my ramblings... Hope you all are having a great week! Hugs and Kisses from myself, Matt and our Little Peanut!

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