Saturday, March 3, 2007

OB appt update!

Original 02-22-2007

I had an OB appt yesterday morning. It went very well! I'm measuring fine, baby is head down..and I'm 1/2 cm dilated!!! It's a start...I'll take it. Laughing I also signed up for a'Sweep Study'. If you want to know more about it, email or call and I'll tell you all about it!!

So the highlight of my day yesterday was...I thought I was going to have this baby! Surprised About 11pm last night I thought he was just pushing and moving around quite a bit. He does this often and he is quite a squirmy tkye. But after my stomach and sides started to hurt I felt around and my entire stomach was ROCK hard! For about 10 minutes of homework this was going on and I didn't have a clue. But when I realised and started timing..they were about 5 minutes apart. Matt was at work and I was chatting with him and almost gave him a heart attack. But I layed in bed and they settled down. So far, so good today! But now I want to run a marathon and meet this little guy. Smile

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