Wednesday, March 14, 2007

OB appt today

I'm so exhausted!! I knew that the end of pregnancy was a little rough...but sleeping just isn't working for me!! I do my best and I will have to try and take some naps these next couple of days.

I went to my OB appt this morning. She walked in and said I was supposed to have a baby by now!! You aren't kidding, Doc! I wish... But she checked me and I was at a solid 3cm and a bit more thinned out than last time. She also tried to break my water but wasn't able to get it. So She stripped my membranes and sent me on my merry way. She said to just relax and take it easy. I'm still going to walk when I can and bounce on my exercise ball to see if that helps bring him back down and open me up more.



On a side note...our neighbors got a new dog. It's a Weimeraner. Absolutely beautiful dog. He is 5 months old and reminds Matt and me of Abby. I almost cried when I first saw him just because we had been talking about Abby earlier that day. Although cute...this puppy sure is noisy! He stands and howls at the door when the neighbors leave. We are going to have to work on this problem...because when they wake up Christian, THEY can put him back to sleep!! ;)


Okay, off to do another week of homework!!!

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