Saturday, March 3, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Original 01-01-2007

Well, our new year got here.....slowly.....

We went to the church service Sunday morning on base. It was a very good sermon and we enjoyed the gospel music to bring in the last day of the year.

Then we went to my friend Erin's house on Pearl Harbor. A few other couples went as well, along with their kids, and we all just sat around, watched some tv, had some food and watched the time drag on....and on....and on....

It seemed like it took midnight FOREVER to get here. But FINALLY it came, we watched the ball drop, gave each other kisses, Matt kissed the belly...and then we left their house about 2 minutes later! HAHAHA! We were dog tired; I didn't get my nap that day and Matt had been up since quite early that morning. So we went home, gave a few more kisses and went to bed.

It doesn't feel like 2007 but we are SUPER excited for everything it has to bring!!!

God Bless and Happy 2007!!!!

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