Saturday, March 3, 2007

The 26th has come and gone...

Original 12-26-2006

...and so has my massage.

It was a good one! One hour just isn't long enough, either, so I will be getting another one before this baby comes. I was so relaxed and the hour flew by too fast. Wondering if they have an hour and a half one because I think I'll do that next time. My massage lady thought I looked pretty darn good for 27 weeks!! Smile

I have an OB appt tomorrow (27th). I have the glucose test beforehand that I'm not looking foward to. But I'm VERY excited for the Labor & Delivery tour afterwards. I want to see where I'll be having this little guy. 13 MORE WEEKS!!

All for now...I'm relishing in my relaxed state and watching tv!!

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