Monday, January 11, 2010

Year In Review: November

November started with a trip, minus children, to check out the base. Matt had already left a week or so prior. We drove by our house, checked out the gym, checked out some places in town, and I fell in love.

We also met with a couple that lives on base and went to lunch with them. :)

We tried to get some decent pictures of the kids. This is the best one that I got on my camera!

Sarah played with her food.

And she finally got enough hair that I could stick a clip in it!

And here is a bad quality cell phone picture of me helping make lefse for Thanksgiving!

By the end of the month Sarah was finally starting to walk while holding our fingers. Before she would just fall down when she didn't have a couch, or something similar, to hold onto.

The kids and I left Sioux Falls the last Saturday in November and made our way to our new home!

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