Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sarah's updates

So, I've been slacking and haven't posted much. I've been trying to keep busy and not spend a lot of time on the internet. Somewhat of a New Year's Resolution, if you will! Plus, we have had some minor stresses of every day life... So it goes.


Sarah has had many appointments in the last few weeks. A few days after Christmas she had her well baby visit that I talked briefly about here. She had her xrays done and we were scheduled to meet with an ophthalmologist about her clogged tear duct. The 13th is when we saw the eye doctor. Every nurse/assistant we walked past made a comment about how cute Sarah was. Makes Mommy proud. Not to have a good looking baby, but to actually have said baby.

"On with the update, Crystal!!!"

The eye doctor examined her eyes and turned on an animated puppy on the wall. She thought this guy was nuts! She had this expression of 'Are you serious!?' on her face. It was exactly like this picture:

I asked question, he explained the procedure, I said that I wanted to go through with it, and he put in a referral to Tricare for the surgery. The greatest risk is actually the anesthesia rather than the surgery. And that makes me nervous. Such a little Princess having to be knocked out to get her eye poked! But January 26th is the day of her surgery. Matt will be gone, a friend is watching Christian, and I'll take Sarah into town. I'm going to be a basket-case the entire 30 minutes it will probably take for them to get it done. It's literally in-and-out. Then she'll get eye drops for a week after.

During the appointment with her eye I was told Sarah needed a physical. Heart and lungs need to be in working condition before anesthesia. At that appointment she was a few ounces heavier than a few weeks prior. That'a girl! She needed her blood pressure taken and she was less than pleased with that. Okay, very less than pleased. It was hold your breath cries with that. But she got a clean bill of health and is cleared for surgery. All will go as planned unless she gets a cold.

Before I left the Ped's office I got her xray results. The interpretations of the srays were 'in the upper range of normal and no further images needed unless clinically indicated'. Hooray!! That means that we don't have to worry anymore. She is walking well as far as we can tell. She has a bit of a hobble but we won't put any emphasis on it unless it starts to impede her walking. And I think the hobble is a-DOR-able!!!

So - in the medical department, that's that!

As far as home, Sarah is all over the place. She is climbing on the couches and it makes me so nervous. She could just fall right off the arm if she isn't careful. She of course thinks it's hilarious when I come running! She LOVES when Matt comes in the door. I think she is a little smitten with him. She even squeals a happy 'Daddyyyyyyyy!' when I open her door in the morning!

She loves her blanket and she cuddles with a teddy bear every night. She likes to play with Christian and they chase each other all over the basement. What he does, she wants to do as well. She still loves food, though she is getting a bit picky with sandwiches. She would rather pick them apart and throw the layers than eat it. Her brother is teaching her how to spit, too. That's sure girly of her isn't it?! :)

There you have it folks. A little update with the little lady of the house. I'll give the Grandmas a call after Sarah's surgery. You won't have to wait for a blog update. :-) haha

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AmandaLFairbanks said...

Good luck with Sarah. I will be thinking of you guys. It might be scary but it is for the best :)