Monday, January 25, 2010

Long weekend!

I didn't blog about this but earlier this last week Christian was sick. I went to get him out of his room and when I opened the door I was met with a horrid stench. Thankfully, it was contained on all the blankets he has in there...including his beloved yellow ones. So I spent that morning washing sheets, blankets, pillows, and a child. He was clingy the rest of the day, didn't eat anything, drank a little water, and sat in my lap whenever I managed to take a seat myself!

The next day he seemed perfectly fine, as if the day before never happened...

This month we knew that Matt would be going to St. Louis for a short TDY. He needed to take some classes before he becomes certified at work. The sad thing is, most of what he will be learning will not be used here, especially once the planes leave. Matt's job will basically be the equivalent of watching paint dry. Long, boring, mind numbing.

Anywho, he wasn't supposed to leave for St. Louis until yesterday. But with the impending gloomy weather he got about 20 hours notice that he would be leaving Friday morning. Boo. We were supposed to have that weekend together, spending time with the kids before he left for two weeks. So much for that.

All four of us pile in the car Friday morning, go get a new Senior Airmen that was joining Matt to St. Louis, and headed to the airport.
Here is Sarah Bear on the way to the airport:

Little did I know that Murphy was a stowaway!!!

I will spare you with the details but let's just say that A LOT of puke came out of my little girl. All over herself in the carseat. Notice that in the above picture she is wearing a hoodie and her jacket. Guess where most of the puke had to sit? And not like I can take her out. We are moving, and I'm not going to take her out only to have to put her back in to get home! So she had to sit in it. Then she puked on the way home, after her bath, and before her nap all over the crib. All in a matter of a few hours from Matt leaving town.

The worst part of her puking? The look on her face when she got it all over her bear. No lie, she cried even harder when she saw it. She shoved it towards me and wanted me to fix it. I was able to clean it off best I could, change her clothes and the crib sheets, and managed to get her rocked to sleep. I let her sleep with the stinky bear since her blanket was done for and being washed. She slept a few hours, I was able to get some much needed peace since the boy also took a nap, and Matt called me to say his flight from here was delayed, they missed the connecting and would be staying four extra hours in Minneapolis.

Darn you, Murphy!!!!!

Both Matt and I were glad to get Friday over with. But not before both kids made their way to the bathroom to play in the, thankfully flushed!, toilet. Christian also had a toothbrush of his. Who knows how many times that went into the water and to his mouth. Blech! Alone time finally came at 8pm.

He spent his Saturday bored in the hotel. I spent it with the kids hoping for no more puking from either of them. Sunday was another boring day for Matt but the kids were feeling fine so I went to town with friends J and A, and their daughter B. We were some of the first few in the doors at Walmart as we had waited in the parking lot for about ten minutes before opening. As I went to get a cart I saw something that I had wanted to try but never had the children, or I should say right aged children, to do so! It was this:

They had so much fun in it. Sarah giggled and thought it was fun to sit next to Christian. He thought it was cool to be able to ride with a big seat belt on and be able to shove his face into Sarah's chest and make her laugh. Anyway, my purpose for going was so that I could buy the kids some more bibs and sippy cups. Then we headed to the toy section and I found some FUN play food sets, some number magnets from the $1 section, and some foam letters for in the bath. It was a fun trip and I'm glad I was able to get the kids out! Here are some pics of the neat-o food:

And here they are having fun tossing it all around. :)

And here is what today has brought:

Not a clue if the tree was slanted like this before but the wind that is going outside is crazy. The interstate is closed from here to Canada the entire state is in a 'no travel advised' warning. So much for Bible study and the play date that J and I had planned today for the kids!! Now, here I am stuck in the house.


Sarah's surgery is set for tomorrow morning BRIGHT AND EARLY! I have to be there by 6:30am. I will let the family know how it goes after she is done. Pray for the anesthesiologist! That is my biggest worry about the whole thing.

I'm off to watch a movie so I can drown out this wind!!! Hope you all are having a great Monday.


Val said...

So I'm tired and a bit stressed from the roads, but I'm still confused as to Murphy.

Is Murphy puke? A car? What is Murphy?

Blanca said...

I'm sorry, Murphy's law really sucks.