Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kiddo Update

Suppose with all the food posts I should add some kids in there too. Since they are so cute I could just eat them up!

Christian is a stinker! He steals toys from Sarah even if she was playing with them first. He pushes her over even though he thinks it's fun and playful. He hits, throws, tackles, and would probably bite if he knew he could do it! haha But, boy, does he LOVE his sister. It's cute. He will wrestle with her and let her crawl all over him and then say 'Saaaaraaaaaahhhhhhhh!' It's pretty cute. Then he will give her hugs. Last week he even wanted to hold her!

She was not thrilled. haha

He is also saying 'ya!' for yes! :) It's finally not a 'no' for everything. My boy is growing up! He is quite lovey and wants to sit on me a lot. Has the best squeezes for hugs. Loves to come upstairs and wake us up in the morning. Do note that Mommy does NOT like this! But he's a stinker! Still picky with food, throws his water off the table, and doesn't like to listen when I tell him not to do something. But he has the cutest eyes, sweetest smile, and best high fives. :) Can you tell he's a punk but I like him????

Sarah Bear had her well baby visit last week. She's almost 25 lbs and her height, head circumference, and weight are all waaaay up there on the growth curve. She's a big'un. She got 5 shots in her legs and she hated it, of course. Then we got her an xray of her hips and hopefully the results will be back soon. Next Wednesday she goes in for an office visit about her eye. So we'll see what they say and if anything needs to be done about the duct.

Walking isn't much of a challenge for her anymore. She still gets off balance once in a while, especially if the brother comes behind her and shoves her over, and she circles all over the place. And she can go fast!! She grabbed my phone the other day and when she saw me coming she took off! So cute. :)

We had a great Christmas with Matt's parents and sister. The kid's got some nice gifts, as did Matt and myself. Now we have to figure out when we are going to get together with my parents!! Hopefully not too long from now.


It's cold here today! Negative by the dozens and winds about 70 mph the last I heard. EEEPPP!!! I won't be going outside unless I have to. Plus, we are all slightly sick. I've had a scratchy throat and today my nose started to get stuff. Kids have had slight fevers. Matt woke up this evening with a soar throat. He works all night, too, so he is hoping to get home a few hours early.

Anyway! All is good here. Looking forward to Friday. We FINALLY bought a new dining room table! I'll post pictures when we have it all set up. :)

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