Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sarah's Surgery Went Well

Sarah was an absolute trooper with her surgery on Tuesday!! I, however, was a nervous mess!

We got to the office very early in the morning. I was literally the fourth car or so there. I was in the waiting room by 6:30am and was called back shortly after. I sat with Sarah as they asked me questions about her health, about my health, etc. She got a bracelet, a dot above her right eye (to make sure they worked on the correct one), and a warm hospital blanket. She played peek-a-boo with some of the ladies there and they were all commenting on how cute she was. :)

When they were ready for her they came and took her from me. She was able to have her pink blanket and her bear with her on the gurney. I honestly could not look at her once they took her from me. I didn't want to see her face. I went directly to the bathroom...partly from not wanting to hear her cry and mostly because of wanting to vomit. HAHA! Though the procedure itself is minor, anesthesia is not. I prayed for everyone.

I went back to the waiting room, my mom called, then I called Matt. Literally no more than ten minutes had gone by and the nurse was coming out to get me. I sat in a little curtained off area and she was wheeled out to me on the gurney. She was coming out of her slumber and shaking around quite a bit on the bed. They unstrapped her and I was able to hold her as she woke up. She was pretty fussy, which is normal, and was not liking the groggy feeling. But she drank water right away and even had an attitude towards the nurse! She looked up and saw her and shook her hand and said 'no' to her! So she was coming out of that nicely. haha

I got my discharge paperwork, sat for a few minutes, then went back to the waiting room to get our things. She had a few graham crackers, more water, and we were off for home! I was home before the sun was even peeking over the horizon!! Quick and painless...

By 10am she was back to normal and running around with Christian. They both took great naps since I had them up at 5:45am and that night Sarah told ME 'nigh nigh'. By 7pm she was tuckered out and held up her blanket to tell me she wanted to go to sleep. Not to disagree, I scooped her up, let her have some milk, rocker her, gave her two kiss - one from Matt, one from me - and tucked her in.

Sarah's first surgery was a success - hopefully! The Doc said he would be very surprised if it didn't work. Little Sarah Bear now seems to have grown up by a few months in that one day.

In other news, I'm headed to Sioux Falls tomorrow!!!!! While Matt is in St. Louis I will be taking advantage of the chance to get down to see family and friends. Christian is excited and while reading his ABC book I told him he could show Grandma & Grandpa how well he was doing. He was not concerned about them...he said he wanted to show Annie. :)

See you all - TOMORROW!

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Blanca said...

I'm so glad it went well! We'll keep praying for you guys.