Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wow, what a day that was!!!

Total time to drive 4 miles: 1 hour. Total amount to park in a crappy lot: $20. Getting out of a $35 parking ticket: Fabulous.

It all started on the morning of the 26th. Matt was going to do our taxes. He needed Sarah's social security number. I fetched her papers to get her card. But was it there? No. So we turned the house upside down. Nowhere. We came to the conclusion that Matt must have thrown it away when he was 'cleaning' one day - a.k.a. just throwing everything in a garbage bag.

So I had to print off an application and get all her papers ready to take to the Federal Building. Not excited. The F.B. is downtown. On a very busy intersection. It opens at 8:30am. That means that I have to leave the house by at least 7:30 to try and get there before it opens and get a place in line.

What happens when the morning of the 27th comes? I don't get out of the house until 7:45am. Sarah is hungry and screaming her head off in her carseat. Traffic is horrendous and I take the wrong exit and end up taking the semi-long way. It took me an hour to go literally 4 miles.

I don't know where to park and find a sign that says there is public parking off such-and-such street. I find it, pull in, go to the little self-service parking meter to put in my money and get a receipt to put on my dash. I choose the 1-3 hour parking option since I have no clue how long it will take me to get Sarah's SS#. It says it will cost me $8. I put in a $20 and wait for change. Nope...nothing happens. I just get my receipt. I was in a hurry, ticked off that it took so long to get there, ticked off that I had to park in a horrible lot, and ticked off that I didn't get change. I head off to the F.B. - forgetting to put the paper on the dash of the car.

I get to the F.B. Was lost...asked for directions...found my way. I take my number - A109. When I sat down A105 was being called. Not bad. Four windows were open so I figured I had a good chance of being there about 30 minutes at the least. But was I? NO!!


It took me over an hour of driving there, finding parking, and then finally finding my way to the blasted SS place and FIFTEEN MINUTES to be called and talk to someone about getting a replacement card for Sarah. Egads!!!!!! Seriously, not cool.

So I get her number and leave. Get to the car and see that I have a lovely envelope on my windshield. I look at the time of the ticket - 9:24am. Look at my phone - 9:29am. JUST missed them!! So I look at the ticket (click to make larger):

and see that it is for no payment/receipt. I was a little miffed about my entire day so I called the number on the back of the ticket to complain...not only about a ticket (that technically I DID deserve), but about not getting change back. She says that it is clearly stated on the machines that there is no change. Dang. BUT I told her that I'm sitting in my car with my payment stub and the ticket and I don't want to pay it. She says 'Ok, fine, give me the red number and I'll delete it'. Sa-weet!!!

Getting a $35 ticket revoked made the hour+ drive to get Sarah's SS# worth it. :-) Because if I would have had to pay $20 for $8 parking spot ON TOP OF a $35 ticket....oh boy.

I seriously can't wait to leave here. Rant over!!!

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