Friday, January 16, 2009

Rehab...other updates...

It didn't work out this week for me to have physical therapy yesterday. So it is rescheduled for next Tuesday.

Christian is getting better. YAY!!!!!! I didn't think he ever would. He is still a snotty mess, has a cough, and is tired..but he is getting better!

Sarah and myself are currently far as we know!

Matt is sick. No signs of getting better OR worse, though.

I can't find the USB cord to the camera so I haven't been able to add pics to the website. I still have to finish putting up the Christmas ones!! I'm so far behind - I'm sorry. This stupid back of mine REALLY put a kink in things, didn't it?

Matt has to stay up as late as he can tonight and Saturday night. He starts 12-hour night shifts for a week on Sunday. Boo.

Don't have much more to update, I guess. We are still alive, just taking it easy.

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