Friday, January 9, 2009

When it rains it pours.

This week went downhill...and fast.

I briefly blogged about my back going on Monday night. I got in on Tuesday and was able to get adjusted.

Matt made an appointment for me on Wednesday at the base clinic to be seen by our Primary Care Manager(PCM) and to at least get my back problems on record. I never did see the PCM. He was called to surgery and an hour later I finally talked to a nurse to get some pain meds. They gave me muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory. So far, the muscle relaxers haven't done THAT great. I feel a slight difference but I'm already at the max dose and won't take any more. So hooray for a little bit a pain relief!! They also put in a referral to Physical Therapy and I have to call today to see if I'm good to go or not.

Then Wednesday night we noticed that Christian was starting to feel crappy. He would sneeze and you could hear that his throat was quite sore. Sure enough he woke up Thursday sick. :-( We had an adjustment Thursday evening and had to bring the kids with. They did well considering.

We have another adjustment on Saturday at noon. Hopefully we will get to see our x-rays. I feel like a hot mess and really hope that these adjustments and the physical therapy will help me out. I have to babies to take care of. That is what makes me the most sad. I can't take care of my family like I should be.

So, here Matt and I sit at home with a sick toddler (Matt took yesterday and today off to help me...I'm just in too much pain to do it all myself). Saturday can't be THAT worse than this whole week right?! I sure hope not. I hope to maybe get to Wal-Mart on Saturday to just get us all out of the house. I think it might be good for us.

I also haven't taken a picture every day for my 365. I have a few from each day that I will have to add to get caught up.

Okay, that is my quick update on us. We sound like a hot mess, huh?! Ya, I thought so.

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