Sunday, January 11, 2009

I should've listened to my husband..

Matt is at the ER with Christian. Been there for about 3 hours now. :-(

His fever just wasn't going down. Matt wanted to take him earlier but I wanted to see if the Tylenol would help. It didn't and now Matt is stuck at the ER on a really busy Saturday night. I was wrong and Christian should have gone to the ER sooner to get checked out. He looks like the plague. Watery, red, itchy eyes. Horrible cough with phlegm. Runny nose that won't stop (at least it's been clear). We kept getting temps of 102.5 (or thereabout) when we checked him with our home thermometer. The ER said it was 101.1. Better than 102+ but still up there. Poor kid. :-(

So I hope they get back before midnight. That would be a miracle, actually! The ER at Tripler is horrendous. We have never had a good experience there. Well, I guess last year when I miscarried I was taken care of fairly well. Seen right away and we were out of there within two hours. But know what I mean - long waits, too many people, and you still feel like crap when you leave.

Now that Sarah is finally sleeping at 10:30pm *knock on wood* I'm going to not try and do my Year In Review post for 2008!! :) I'll also give an update, of course, when the boys get back home.

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