Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Holidays

So, I’m finally getting around to our Holiday post!!! Hooray! :-) You can see all the pictures HERE

It was a good Christmas. We were really bummed to be here in Hawaii and not with family but we made the best of it. Originally we weren’t going to do much of anything for Christian. We didn’t even buy him gifts! But last minute the day before Christmas Eve, Matt and I took the kids to K-Mart to get a few things. We didn’t want to NOT get anything that was specifically from us. We felt bad that we were being all Humbug about it at their expense. It wasn’t fair. So, we hauled the gifts home and I wrapped them up and put them with the gifts from the grandparents.

Christmas morning came with the usual breakfast of toast and peanut.
Then there was the obligatory ‘run-around-the-house-in-socks-and-fall-on-my-face’ from Christian. In some of the pictures you can see his fat lip. He has been doing this A LOT lately. He just runs and then gets his feet tripped up and falls on his face. We hate that this house has linoleum everywhere. So two teeth went through his lip…blood everywhere.

But all was well when he was able to open gifts!! He had a LOT of fun and had his ‘concerned’ look on his face the entire time. Just the ‘what is going on’ crinkle of the forehead.

But he knew to rip off that paper!! It was cute. Matt helped him with his

and I helped (a.k.a. opened) Sarah’s. Christian wanted to take hers away and open them but I kept taking them back and telling him no. He got mad.

Although we were in Hawaii for Christmas, it was still a good one. Thank you to everyone who wished us a Merry Christmas. Next year we hope to be WITH you to celebrate it!!!

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