Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm going to rehab!!!!

You heard me right. I'm going to the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. I have an appointment set up for Thursday at 4:15 pm.

These last few weeks have been so hard on me. I seriously would have rather broken a leg. At least then I could probably nurse Sarah without crying in pain. I could move my upper body to eat. I could sneeze without thinking I was going to break my back in half. I have thrown my back out a few times prior to this, but none like now. By far this is the worst.

I have my last chiropractor appointment Wednesday evening and will get to see all my x-rays then. I'm anxious to see them to see the 'extent of damage' that my body has. A 24-year-old should not have back issues like this. From the x-ray that I saw briefly last week, I have scar tissue and arthritis in my lower vertebrae (L5) and my disk that is either above or below, I forget, my L5 is supposed to be one of the biggest in the back and mine is one of the smallest. Not much cushion down there and when my back goes out it literally crushes those nerves and sends excruciating pains all throughout my right side. Not fun stuff.

So, I really hope that this physical therapy helps me out and that I can get better. It still hurts to move some. I can't bend over to even put a towel on my head after a shower. I'm so unbelievably sore and stiff. I seriously feel about 60. But enough of me.


Sarah isn't sick....yet. I hope she avoids all of the germs that Christian has going on.

He has an appointment today at 3:45. He woke up this morning burning up BAD and we called as soon as we could to get him in. We think he might have strep?? His poor little body is taking a beating. Please send a prayer his way so that he can get over whatever he has. I think a week is long enough.

Well, my update is going to be cut short. Sarah is awake and I'm sure she wants to eat!!!

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