Monday, January 5, 2009

Anne came to visit!

"Thank goodness for Anne" is all I can say about this last week. She got in the Saturday after Christmas. I was excited to have her see Sarah and we could go do girl stuff. It's been a while since I had a fun time at the mall. Matt just isn't a shopper. ;-)

So she got here and we just hung out for a few days. She watched the kiddos so that Matt and I could go out on a date to Ruby Tuesday (Thanks Nancy and Kerry!!!!) and see the movie Marley & Me. Then on Wednesday Anne and I got ourselves and the kids ready so that we could head out to the swap meet and the mall. She put Christian in the car and I went to get Sarah from Matt to change her and get her in the car. But the second I picked her up from Matt I heard a pop in my back and I about dropped her! I threw my back out AGAIN!!!!!! Seriously..this is about the 5th time. So there went our girls day out with the kids. :-( I seriously ruined Anne's week here and I feel horrible about it. But at the same time I'M SO GLAD SHE WAS HERE TO HELP!!!!!!

So, since Wednesday morning I have been going to a new chiropractor to get myself fixed. I go again Tuesday evening. I am feeling better now, hence all the new posts, and will have to continue to keep going to keep this up. I'm still sore and have a few pains here and there when I move but overall...fabulous compared to Wednesday morning!!

I just have to give a shoutout to Dr. Mike at Chiropractic Oahu. He did a great job on my back and I'm going to keep going back to him. He is a former nurse, former body-builder and athlete. This guys wing span...massive. His muscles...massive. I feel like he could break me in half when he adjusts me. Seriously...look at this guys chest!!!!

Anne and I eventually got out to the mall but it was sloooooooooow going for me. She left Saturday night and Matt went back to work today. I'm all alone and I hate it. Well, not hate it...but I sure wish I wasn't sitting here by myself.

Sorry, Anne, for your crappy week here!!!! :-(

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