Monday, January 5, 2009

The days following Christmas....

Oh, the fun we have had the last few weeks!!!!

The day after Christmas was like most of the other days this last month. Rainy and blah. Matt wanted to get out of the house and go to a movie. He wanted to see Valkyrie and I didn't so he went by himself. As soon as he left it started to pour. He got to the movie through pouring rain and I was at home with the kiddos. All of a sudden, the lights flickered and everything went black. DANGIT!!! The power went out. My first thought went to my fridge...and all the milk within. Milk is EXPENSIVE here and I HATE when it goes bad before the expiry date or the power goes out and spoils it.'s horrible.

So, I quickly get some candles going and find a few flashlights. Christian was very confused as to why the light and fan stopped working. He wouldn't stop pointing at the blades as they slowed down. He eventually found it fun to be in the dark. Eek..not me. Sarah was none the wiser and slept in the swing. :-)

I called Matt and asked him how things were on his end...remember he is in a theater!! haha. He said they are making people leave but he doesn't want to and wants to see if the power will turn back on. But they made him leave without ever getting to start his movie. They said they would give them a raincheck and get them into the movie for free if they brought back their stub. So he makes his way home in the horrendous traffic of people trying to leave all the dark buildings.

I entertained Christian in the dark some more and took some pictures. Check HERE for all of them. Matt finally got home and we got the radio going. Twelve plus hours until power could be restored. Windows were opened and we all went to bed. I was woken up at 3am by LIGHTS! Yay! But then they went back off. Boo. But then at 4am they were back for good.

Best of milk was saved!!!!!!!!!!

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