Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My poor Sarah Bear

Well she has been stuffy and congested the last few days. Yesterday (Tues) my friend Krisanda told me that she would watch Christian at her house for a few hours that morning while I rested with Sarah. WHAT A WONDERFUL PERSON! I needed it so badly. I got a few hours of sleep with her and even squeezed in a shower. Hooray for being clean, huh? Then I picked him up and he came home and napped almost FOUR hours. So I literally didn't deal with him until almost 4pm. Her daughter Madison musta wore him out! Nice change. ;-)

Anyways - back to Sarah. Last night she started to get quite hot. I took her temp and it was 100.2. Not good. :( Poor thing was already feeling crummy and now this. Matt had just gotten up and he told me to call the on-call PCM at Hickam. I did NOT know they had this!!!! If I would have known this sooner...geesh! So I called and asked if it was alright to give her infant tylenol even though she wasn't quite 3 months yet. He said it was fine and told me what to look for in the next few days to see if she has a possible viral infection.

This morning at 3:30am her fever finally broke and she was able to stay sleeping. Before this she was up quite a bit because she still wants to breath out of her nose...but she can't! So gasp away she did. But after the fever broke she slept for a few hours...therefore I got some sleep...before Christian got up at 7:30. Ugh..what ANOTHER long week this is going to be.

But I have some good news!!!! Matt walked in the door at 9am this morning from work and told me the bestest thing I have heard all year (all 20 days worth haha). HE TOOK ALL NEXT WEEK OFF! I cried...not kidding. He told me that he knows I need a break. And this I do! So next week I'm going to schedule a massage and use some of the gift certificate that I got from Matt for Christmas, go to a movie with a girlfriend, and maybe even do a bit of clothes shopping. I need bottoms badly.

Only a little bit left of January. February HAS to be better.

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