Sunday, January 25, 2009

My husband loves me

Yes, he does!! And you know why? He let me sleep in. :-) Granted it was only an hour longer than I usually have to get up. But since he just got off of night shifts and is working on getting his body back to day shifts...he was up at 4am. So when Christian woke up at 7, he went and got him, changed him, fed him breakfast, and played with him. Then Sarah woke up at 8:30. I didn't have a CLUE that he had done all of that with Christian for me. I just slept away...and it felt GOOD! I love that man.

Sarah is feeling a bit better. Not AS stuffy but I still have to suction her out sometimes. Still has a very loose cough. I might have to take her in if it doesn't seem to clear up in the next few days. Don't want her to somehow get pneumonia or something!

Christian is a character. He takes his little cars and trucks and 'drives' them all over the house. It is REALLY cute. He makes me smile. If I could squish him up and eat him I would!!!

Matt still has a bit of a head cold. Ears are stuffy and has a lingering, dry cough.

I did NOT get sick! :-) Always seems to work that way for some reason. The entire house gets deathly ill, I have to take care of them all, I get exhausted, and somehow manage to bypass getting deathly ill along with them. Not that I WANT to! I'm just amazed that I seem to walk away unscathed and am able to fully take care of the family like they need.

I'm going to hopefully get to a movie this week with a friend. And maybe go shopping. :-) I think I deserve it!!

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Veronica Lee said...

Hi Crystal! Great blog. Welcome to MBC!