Monday, May 4, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend!

That's what the last few days felt like even though we really didn't do all that much!!

Friday - Matt worked all day. The kids and I waited for him to get home so we could order the new X-treme cheese pizza from Papa Johns. The commercial made it look SOOOO good. We also love cheese so it had to be done. And am I glad we did. That pizza was in our Top 3. Yummo!

Saturday - We went to the craft fair on Hickam. We went a couple months ago when they had it and I was super excited to go again to try and find stuff for the kids' rooms (more for when we move and I can decorate their rooms with a theme). But I was a bit disappointed with it. There weren't nearly as many booths as there were a couple months ago. Some new ones - but not many. BUT the lady that I bought the bows from for Sarah was there so I bought more!

These are her old ones I got at the first fair:

These are all the new ones. Bigger and better!!!! haha I made sure to get a red/green one for Christmas since I doubt her hair will be much longer...poor girl...

I also talked to the lady about a custom bow holder that she is making to match the decor in Sarah's room. When I get it from her I will take a picture and share. I'm excited to see it!

I didn't have much luck for Christian's room though so I'll have to check other places out. I'm thinking his room will be a planes and automobile theme. He yells at the buses and planes so I figure he would like them in his room, too! Sarah's theme is ballerina bears. I got THIS bear for her room. Isn't it cute? Can't wait to get started on it all when we move.

So moving on...

Sunday - We went to the commissary to get food...yawn...nothing fun about that! Then we came home and had some lunch then took the kids back to the pool. Sarah is a water baby. It took Christian well over a year of trying to ocean water to let us know he hated it. Then when we finally got the pool in our neighborhood he loved it. So thank goodness BOTH kids like the water. Sarah even kicked and swatted the water this time. Got a few giggles, too! I'll have to check into Mommy and Me classes at Grand Forks. We are going to try and go every weekend now. Plus, Matt and I need a tan so we can have proof that we lived in Hawaii. We are PASTY folks. And poor Christian looks like a ghost. So we need some sun. :)

Monday(today) - Sarah had her 6-month well baby visit this morning. She did well. She will get all her shots the 12th since there was one that she couldn't get until then so I opted to do them all at once and not tick her off one more time than needed! Here are her stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 11 oz (50% - little above average)
Height: 26.77 in (85%)
Head circ: 44.3 cm (95%)

She is a tall one with a big noggin! Both her and Christian have had larger heads at their visits. More room for smarts. ;-)

The only thing that is borderline with Sarah is her ability to hold her weight. She doesn't want to do it all that much. I'll stand her on my legs and she will put weight on her feet but she would rather sit or stretch out. So, I'll have to keep working on getting her to use the legs and get some strength going.

During the physical, though, the Ped felt a few clicks going on in her left hip. When she said that it reminded me that during a feeding yesterday I could hear a few in her hip as well. She was moving that leg all around and I thought I heard something and sure enough it was Sarah's legs. So I told the Ped that and she said that I could go up and get her an x-ray of the hip to be sure nothing was wrong. She said it might be why Sarah doeskin want to stand up much. But better safe than sorry so we are checking the hip out. If she isn't working on the standing and supporting her weight I can call in a referral to HKISS (where Christian also gets his speech therapy through) and get a physical therapy appointment to see if Sarah might need something. Lets hope not!

It could just be that I tend to make sure Sarah is up and out of the way of Christian. He likes to be a bit rough sometimes and he is a runner. So I just try to make it safe for both of them and not set myself up for an accident of Christian falling on top of her or something. Anyways, I'll have to put her in the saucer a bit more to see if she can work out those legs a bit more and then we can work on her sitting up. She wants absolutely NOTHING to do with that right now!

Sarah did well during her x-rays though. I just made a few clicks and coos at her and she held still long enough to get two pictures. :) I should have a full report by Wednesday and hopefully might have a call tomorrow with the results. If not, I'll call and have them by the end of the week.

So, today was a busy day. Lots of running around before noon and I'm pooped! But no naps for me...I have dishes and laundry to do. Tomorrow I have a friend coming over so we can talk about Cloth Diapers. It's going to be fun! :)

All for now. Bye!

OMGOSH - I almost forgot! Sarah rolled from back to tummy this weekend!! :) I'm uploading the vids so I'll post them on the website once I get all the programs back up and running (remember the laptop died? so now we have to re-install all the website stuff again). So I'll let you know when I get those up for you!

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