Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Consult is scheduled

Sarah's consult with the Pediatric Surgeon is set for May 26th at 10am. I had to call them today since it had been a week and no word on their part. When I got through to the right department the lady on the phone was searching for about two minutes for Sarah's name or something. She asked for it again and then said 'What is this for?'. GAH!! Seriously Tripler...get it together. A referral was put in last week for what she needs! Anyways, it is set. Matt is going to try and get off work that day to come with.

We have lots of questions. Not only about the diagnosis itself but about the possibility of us holding off with whatever needs to be done so that I might be able to take the kiddos back to South Dakota and get it done there. I'll have more information regarding ALL of this once we have the meeting. Just glad it is scheduled.


In other news, Christian is a stinker. He says 'No' back to me all the time. I'm trying different 'punishments' to see what works to make him realize that he cannot say No to me and that whatever Mommy says is what goes. No but's about it. Thank goodness I worked on the timeout at the wall a while ago or else I would be even more frustrated with him!!

Sarah is getting the second bottom tooth. You can see a TINY part of a peak. Hopefully it comes in all the way soon and doesn't take weeks. She drools enough the way it is! She also can roll over to her tummy (only rolling to the right) but doesn't do it often. She would rather get mad and whine for me to come pick her up.

Matt is working A LOT. They have a few exercises coming up and he will have to be on 12-hour shifts. Never fun. He told me last night that he thanks me for being a great and wonderful wife. He said he was doing it then because he knows the next few weeks are going to be very busy for him and very frustrating and hectic for me. I'll almost be a 'single' Mom while he is doing all this stuff for work. He'll just come home to eat and sleep and then leave again.

All for now, nothing exciting has been going on here. Just trying to make the days go by so that we are closer to MOVING! :)

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