Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where did the tornado come from?!

Our. House. Is. A. Mess.

Not that it was ever spotless to begin with but now with me leaving in a few short weeks we are going through closets and boxes to try and get stuff together for a rummage. Matt had a huge Rubbermaid container filled with random cords and computer crap. We finally pulled it out today and went through it. 95% was thrown out and what was left were a few power cords, internet cables, and some fishing line. I have been staring at that bin for YEARS so I'm thrilled that it's gone now. I can use the bin for clothes now!

I'm also trying to get stuff together to bring with me for the kids. Toys, books, any winter-ish clothes that I have. Not sure how long I will be at my parents house or how cold it will get in the later months but I'm going to be sure I have something just in case.

And of course the day that I figure I better get a few things done while the kids sleep is when Sarah decides to take a long nap! She has been doing horrible with them lately (I'm sure being uncomfy in a new brace) and would usually last about 45 minutes. She is a stinker....

Hopefully we can get this house picked up and things sold so that we don't move junk with us to ND. We are sick of shoving it in closets. I need minimal clutter or else the house just seems too overwhelming these days.

Off to do some more dishes. I wanted to get a little bit in while I could today. Tomorrow will most likely be another day of getting things sorted.

I leave you with an advertisement funny. We were driving home from the NEX one afternoon and Matt started to chuckle. He told me to look at the sign. And this is what we saw:

Those are some pretty cheap bums!!! ;-)

This is what the full sign says:

Hope they place it differently next time...

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Shana said...

LOL...that sign is so funny! I've never noticed it from that direction. I'll have to pay more attention next time I drive by.