Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had a 4-day weekend with Matt this past weekend. It was very much needed but sort of ended in a bust.

Friday we went and picked up Sarah's bow holder. Matt said I could have made it better myself but I have always told him that I like supporting other WAHM's (work at home mom). I'm sure I could have made something just as nice but I bought the bows from this lady so I figured I could buy a bow holder, too! You can click the picture to make it bigger.

The lady's house was right by Walmart so we stopped there to walk around a bit. I got stopped by an older couple and they asked me about the sling that Sarah was in. The lady said she watches their granddaugther during the day and would like something to be able to carry her around in. It was nice to get noticed for it! I like carrying her in it and she falls asleep in it, too.

We went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch since we haven't eaten out in a while. It was a fun time since we put Sarah in a highchair and Christian in his own. I got to eat and drink with BOTH of my hands! :)

Sarah also started to get her second tooth through the surface. She was a snotty, coughing, fussy mess all weekend. She still has a bit of a cough left but she is fine otherwise. She is a punk, though. We have to black out her window. She has been getting up at 5am for almost 3 weeks now. I'm so exhausted. I try to get her back to sleep but she won't have anything to do with it. I was so tired Saturday that the littlest things were making me want to cry. And one thing sent me over the edge...

Saturday I started to to feel pretty crappy. Sore throat, just tired, and my nose was getting a bit stuffy. By Sunday afternoon I had a full head cold. I still have it and there are no signs of letting up. The weekend was getting worse and worse.

Christian was pretty whiny on Saturday. I made him an early lunch since both him and Sarah were up before 5:30. I made him some veggies and cut up a hotdog. And here comes the edge. It came in the form of a plastic fence piece in his farm playset. I was bringing him his plate when I stepped on the fence, it slid across the linoleum, and I try to find something to brace myself on. Nothing was around and the plate of peas, carrots, corn, and hotdog slices went flying...ALL OVER. I sat on the floor and bawled. With my cold, Sarah teething, Christian becoming very whiny, and lack of sleep, I was just over it. I needed a nap.

Sunday we spent the day at home. I was pooped.

Monday we did some running around because we needed to get Christian out of the house. It has been so humid out the last few weeks that playing outside just becomes miserable after about 5 minutes. We opted for air conditioned stores. We went to the NEX and I bought some pillow cases to make some dresses and then to Ben Franklin to get some ribbon for the dresses. I'll be working on those whenever I catch up a bit on sleep.

So this weekend was very tiring for me. I'm pooped and need some more sleep. Something that is very hard to get when my kids are up before 5:30 am and Sarah doesn't want to nap in her brace. Boo.

Update on the orders: Looks like I can come home any time after they are done. So it could be a matter of weeks!

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