Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on Sarah's Xray

I got a call back from Sarah's Pediatrician yesterday. The xrays showed that she has mild bilateral dysplasia of her hips. That basically means that they are dislocated slightly. Other than that, I know nothing more. A referral was put in with the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon up at Tripler so I will be expecting a call next week to get that consult scheduled. During that meeting I will get MUCH more information. I'm already writing down a ton of questions that I'll be asking.

And I was a worried Mommy and went to Google to search what this could mean for us and Sarah. BAD IDEA!! I see tons of little babies in casts up to their armpits and then I start to cry. But I'm over it and know that whatever happens, happens and it needs to be done to help her.

So, after this meeting with the surgeon I will have more answers for myself and for YOU!

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