Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wow, was that place busy!

I went to the commissary today. 'Nuff said. But I won't stop there...I'll tell you all about it!

It was either go today or not have milk and other essential items for about 1.5 weeks! Before going I was only worried about it being the Saturday after payday. It can be kinda busy those weekends so I try to go during the week or on the off weekend of payday. Matt hitched a ride to work today (he is working from 6am-7pm and starts 8am-8pm tomorrow) so I had the car. He told me to go today or forever hold my peas. Get it? Peas? Since I had to go to the grocery store? hahaha Stay with me, people! :-)

Anways, when I pulled around the corner...OY! I completely forgot that the case lot sale was this weekend. The way they set it up takes about 5 of the parking lanes away so then you either have to go through every other aisle waiting for someone to leave or park in another lot that makes you walk ALL the way across the main one. I opted to wait for a spot and found a decent one. I was thinking I better go in and get some pop but then when I saw how the tent itself was set up I decided not to. It was literally an assembly line. In one end, train of people, out the other. I just wanted to get in, get some pop and T.P., pay, and leave. But that wasn't going to happen...maybe I'll go back later.

I go inside hoping there was a fun cart for Christian. Instead of the regular ones where he sits up top and is backwards they have the neat ones that you can sit in with a steering wheel and you face forward. My prayers were answered and they had a blue one!!!!! But then they were smashed when I saw that neither side of the car had a steering wheel; just the bolts sticking out of the dash. I still used it of course and plopped him in with my purse and grocery list. Sarah tucked safely next to my chest in her wrap.

Now a challenge: How will I get this massive cart (which I might add is a foot and then some longer than the regular carts) through all these aisles with all these other people?! Most patrons were nice enough to see that I had the large cart plus two small children and kindly moved out of the way if need be. But others were completely oblivious to anyone else in the store and I had to wait behind them to get my apples or just completely backtrack and go around the potatoes to get my bananas! Blood pressure - rising.

I didn't have many things on my list but I did have a few MUSTS. Milk - check!; eggs - check!; goldfish - check!; bread - check!; fruit - check! Then for some non-essentials but things I really wanted. Chocolate chip morsels - check!; butterscotch morsels - check!; oreos - check!; chips - check!. Of course I got other items but I don't need to go and list them ALL. And then I managed to forget a few things because there were so many people that I either refused to go down a certain aisle or I missed them all together because people were in the way - like honey and syrup.

But I got my cart full and Christian was ready to leave. I had to make it through the checkout line alive before we could leave for the safety of home. Christian played coy with a little girl in line and got semi-scared of a bald and tattooed man next to us. Sarah is still doing well...hasn't made a peep.

It's finally my turn and I unload my stuff onto the belt. Coupons always go first so the checkers can put them aside and make sure you have the correct items to go with. All is well until we get to the eggs. I have size X-large and the check I have is only good for Medium or Large. Drats. But the bagger girl is nice enough to go get them for me instead of having to haul myself back to get the correct one. The checker continues with everything else. Rings me up and I pay but then he notices that he didn't scan my coupon and he forgot to ring up my graham crackers! Well I'm not leaving without the graham crackers. Christian loves them. He says that he can give me cash for the coupon he didn't scan. Awesome. I tell him I'll just take the cash he gives me and pay for the crackers. Awesome. But then I notice that the coupon is only good for $1.79. I know the crackers cost more than that and I didn't know how much cash/change I had on me. I start digging and think I might have to leave them behind and be sad. But have no fear, the cash back from the coupon somehow totaled $2.59!! Don't ask me how...I don't work there! So I was able to pay for the $2.10 crackers. Awesome!

Phew. I made it out of the building alive. Just a matter of getting back to my car and not getting run over by the dozens of cars looking for spots in the 4 leftover lanes that aren't currently being taken up by a huge tent!!

So what will the kid and I have for lunch?

"What's that you say, Christian?"
"You want a 6-piece nugget meal with fries?"
"And you think Mommy should have a Whopper Jr. and a Hershey Pie?"

Genius, my boy, pure genius!


Tummies are full, kids are sleeping, Hershey pie is devoured, blog post written.


AmandaLFairbanks said...

Crazy place!!! At least you got some yummy food out of it ;)

Shana said...

Man on man! Lilia used to throw full out fits when she was around Christians age and we didn't get a "car" cart. I can't imagine pushing those huge things through the commi on the Saturday after payday. I was getting all sweaty and hot just reading about it all!