Friday, May 15, 2009

Another speech session down...

Christian had a session this morning. He is doing much better with asking 'please' and mimicking words. That makes me happy to see. I asked Alyson if she thought Christian was far behind or just a little. She said he was mildly delayed. That also makes me happy! She said to work on his phrases. If he sees a bus we need to say 'big bus', etc. We just have to try and get him to use more than one word at a time.

It's sort of fun to watch him play with somebody else. He really likes to play with her toys she brings. A big duffel bag full of books and games. He did puzzles today and lots of finding and naming objects. I'm glad we got him some new books last weekend because I think that is helping A LOT!

His new favorite words are Firetruck and Yellow. Firetruck comes out 'bire-buh' and yellow is 'yeyow'. It's cute but when we try to get him to name other colors they are all the same. And he is so proud to say yellow. He practically screams it! haha

No other news than that. Matt's 12-hour shifts are from 8am-8pm. So that means no help for me!!! :( He starts them Saturday I think. Hopefully the next few weeks go by fast! Pray they do, please.

Tata for now..

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AmandaLFairbanks said...

Wynter had that problem with only saying one word or two words together but for her age she had to say like 4-5 or something like that. School is really helping her out though! Her new thing is calling every color "yellow".