Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear Christian,

My sweet boy, I love you.

You are my cuddler, my hugger, my Eskimo kisser. You know how to give the best 'high fives'. You gasp and say 'Oh No!!' when something crazy happens on TV. You love to laugh with Sarah. It is awesome to hear you run to the front door yelling 'Daddy!' when he comes home from work. You are the cutest EVER after you wake up. You have the goofiest looks. When you hold our hand to walk with us you swing the other arm while looking down at your feet - you love it and so do I.

You get up in your high chair all by yourself and say 'I did it'. Even though you don't say many 'real' words it is fun to hear you talk to us. When you get embarrassed or shy you close your eyes and turn your head away. If you are really excited to eat something you say 'Mmm' when you put it in your mouth. You like to get in and our of your car seat all by yourself. You bite your lip when you concentrate.

When you get angry with us and fake cry you look our from underneath your hands to make sure we are still watching you. You tell me 'No' AND shake your head when you don't want to do something I tell you. You climb right back up onto things we take you off of. You think you are funny when you run from one end of the couch cushions to the other and give Mommy a heart attack. When we tell you to 'Come Here' you come to us but then you look off to the side like you aren't listening...cute, but it's going to get you in big trouble one of these days!

Christian, Mommy loves you. You can be a handful quite often but you do so many things that make my days brighter, my steps lighter, and my heart happier. You will be my first baby forever and always. Some days you might not like me and wish I were not your Mother but I know that it's just a phase. We all go through it.

I can't wait to see you grow up and get a best friend. I am excited to see what subjects you like it school, what sports you will play, what instruments you might like to try out, what music you will like and even how tall you will be! I can't wait to support you in every single thing you do, pick you up when you fall, be a listening ear, a friend.

Christian, I love you.

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