Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In a matter of 12 hours....

The previous post was a poem I found online. I went searching for a poem about getting puked on by your kids. Yes, you read that right. In a matter of 12 hours there were three episodes of puking in the Keefer house. *read the following at your own risk*

It all started last night. I have been giving Sarah pureed food in the evenings for dinner in hopes that it would help her sleep a little bit better. It's been many weeks of getting up every 3-4 hours. Tiring to say the least.

I had a banana that was too mushy for Matt to consider eating, Christian has been refusing them lately, and I didn't have two to make banana bread. So I pureed it for Sarah. I added a little TOO much water and it almost had a consistency of applesauce...you know, sort of watery and then you stir it and it looks better? Anywho, I figured since she likes applesauce I figured she would eat the banana puree. (She has had the store bought kind so I also assumed that she would do fine with homemade). Well, I was right. She did eat it. Gobbled it right up and loved it. She gets so excited.

About an hour later I got the kids ready for bed. Matt reads to Christian while I go upstairs and nurse Sarah. All is well. Both kids are asleep by 8pm and then us grown ups catch up on a few things with the computers and we chit chat. Around 9pm I hear Sarah coughing on the monitor and I pray she doesn't wake herself up - she doesn't. Awesome. Matt and I head to bed and chit chat some more before nodding off.

Sounds of crying from the monitor in the bedroom wake me at 11pm. I go get her and when I pick her up I am amazed at how sweaty she is! We have been turning the air up even more at night since it has been SO hot here lately. But the second I get her in my arms and I inhale.... Oh boy. The coughing I heard at 9 was her throwing up all over herself and the sheets. I smell the horrid scent of vomited banana puree. I change her bed, got her undressed and wiped her off with a baby wipe the best I could, got her dressed and back in the brace, and I sit down in the rocking chair to get her back to sleep. Didn't take long at all. I get up from the chair and I didn't make it 3 steps away and she pukes all over both of us...in her sleep. It was everything I just fed her as well as more banana!! She wakes up stunned and I stand there motionless as I now have a big puddle of puke between me and her. If I moved her away from me the puddle would slide down my stomach and legs to the floor. I called for Matt to wake up and help me out. But by the time I arouse him and actually hand Sarah off the puke has been soaked up into the blanket Sarah was wrapped in, the clothes she was wearing, as well as my bra.

Downstairs we go for another change of clothes and to find more blankets since she just dirtied all of the ones in current use. Back upstairs I go to try and rock her to sleep. Puking twice in one night must have wore her out as I just swayed back and forth with her in my arms a few minutes and she was passed out. I put her to bed and hope she doesn't puke was very little she might have in her stomach all over herself and the bed again.

Sounds from the monitor wake me up at 4:45am and she is dry! No more puking thus far today from Sarah. :) Next time I will know that she does not tolerate anything that is really thinned out. The thicker the better.

Now that is only two pukes so far if you have been keeping track. The third came from the cutest blond 2-year-old I know! He slept in late so by the time he was up and moving around Sarah was down for her first nap. We read a little and watched some TV then I asked him if he wanted some cereal. He shoots off the couch and into the kitchen without hesitation. Into the high chair he goes and he gets his bowl.

I sit down to respond to an email from Matt asking how the kids are. He didn't get to see Christian before he left for work. I'm literally typing out that he is great when I hear some coughing and then a loud wretch coming from the blond. I turn to see him half choking on what I assume to be not very well chewed cereal. Uh oh... When he gags hard enough he spews. Sure enough he was coughing so hard that it turns into an all-out puke fest in the high chair. Thankfully it was mostly water that he drank after he got up. He was as surprised as I was that it happened but he got over it quick and wanted to keep eating the cereal that he just puked in. "Let Mommy clean you up and get you NEW cereal, honey!" hahahaha He must have been hungry. ;-)

Now about four loads of puke laundry later the kids are doing fine and no signs of any more upset tummies.

Phew, what a day so far! I should totally be napping but I had to do another blog. I've been slacking a bit in the updating department.


So about me getting off this rock! Matt's orders were put in middle of last week. So ten business days from that we will know if I will be sent home sooner rather than later. I have absolutely no answers to that right now. Just know that I have everything ready to be thrown into a suitcase!! Not kidding...I have it all upstairs on the extra bed. A list is made of things I need to remember for the kids and then I just need to shove my clothes in there. I'M READY!!!

Matt has been training a new person at work. It's a frustrating process for him and he doesn't really like doing it. He is also getting tasked to do many jobs that others don't want to do. Typical of them. But we just keep reminding ourselves that in a few months we WILL be done with Hawaii and onto the next adventure. I heard that ND got a few inches of snow the other day. Snow forts have already been discussed with Daddy. :)

Speech is going okay with Christian. Just have to keep working on the words/sounds where his lips come together (B, M, P). He has an overbite so that has been hindering a lot of what he is trying to say. He has added some more words to his vocab but still isn't using sentences with us. We are working on colors as well. He also sat down and read a book to Sarah the other day. I got a few pictures and a video.

Sarah is a hit or miss with liking her brace. Getting her to sleep in it isn't a problem any more. It's just getting her to tolerate it during the day when she wants to play. I have nothing to put her in that fits her so it's either be carried around, sit on my leg, or lie down. She hates the latter of the three. But I have to do things around the house and play with Christian too. She gives me quite a bit of grief about it so I give her a few breaks here and there so that she can play on the floor and be happy about it. I think she is going to need a new brace soon. She seems a little longer in the torso and I have trouble getting it to fit right. It could just be the cloth diapers as well.

OH!! I finally cashed in my gift certificate for my massage! Matt got it for me for Christmas but I never felt that I could leave Sarah to get one. But the day finally came and I got a 1.5 hour massage on the 6th! IT WAS HEAVEN! Why did I wait so long to do it? I told Matt that I will be doing this at least every three months now.

I think that is about it? I'm certain I have missed something completely. I should really just write a little blurb every day about what goes on but it really isn't all that exciting. Most of our happenings are on the weekend. Anyways, I'll get some pictures on the computer and post another blog with them.

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