Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boy, do I have some updates!!!

Update #1:
I'm coming home!! I'm not going to post my flight info for the world to see, though. Family knows when I get in! :) My Daddy is getting a birthday present!!!!!!! I have LOTS to pack, ohmygosh! I'm finally leaving this island.

Update #2:
Christian has a speech therapy session this past Monday. Did not go so well. He just wasn't into it. Allyson said that it is normal for them at this age to not want to do something and want to start something else when they know they are having trouble with the task. Christian is not a fan of matching colors. He just has no desire to try and get it right. So he was getting them all wrong and then he just got frustrated and didn't want to do it. She said you just have to help a lot and focus on finishing the task at that point. It was a short session. Then the rest of the day he had the same attitude about things. He was being his lovely 2-year-old self. :)

Update #3:
Sarah got some shots Tuesday morning. She is finally caught up on her vaccines. Took me about 7 weeks! haha I kept forgetting. She also had an ultrasound for her hips Tuesday afternoon. I was hoping for some good news but I didn't expect what I got!

We go into the u/s room and Sarah gets to be on the big bed. The u/s tech starts and I ask her if she might be able to tell me anything today about them. She says she has to take the pictures, go look at them in the back (assuming on a much bigger/better screen then what she was using??) and then the doctor might look at them and come see her and talk to me. So she gets done and goes back. Then a different guy comes in and is taking a look with a different u/s tech. I think he was a student because he was trying to figure out how to use the wand and was asking the girl a lot of questions. Meanwhile he is doing this, a different man in a white coat comes in and stands by the back wall with his arms crossed. Hmm? So these three are in there and then an actual Doctor came in, introduced himself and started asking me tons of questions about how they found out about her hips, how long she has been in the brace, how much longer she will be in it, and so forth. I was starting to get worried!! Then he leaves and ANOTHER Doctor comes in. She introduces herself and asks me the questions over again. I was seriously thinking the worst! My poor little girl had deformed hips and would need to have some crazy surgery to fix them. So many things were going through my head.

But I finally got some answers out of this last Doctor lady. As she was probing around her hips and taking pictures she told me that her hips are PERFECTLY NORMAL! What?! But a little over a month ago I was told they were dislocated! So she asks me what other appointments I had with her Doctor about her hips and I said none. All I was told to do was schedule an ultrasound.

So this morning I called back to Tripler to let them know that I got the ultrasound done and that the Doctor needs to look at them and tell me what to do...soon! Since I'm leaving soon I told her it needs to be ASAP. Either she needs to stay in the brace a bit longer or she doesn't need it at all...who knows at this point. By tomorrow afternoon I should hear from him and get some answers.

This news was very unexpected but great! Now I'm just left frustrated wondering if she might not have had a problem at all to begin with or that she is just a darn quick healer!! :) Maybe God knew that she needed to be fixed before we got home to Sioux Falls. Now she can have some fun with the family! :)

Yay for good news!! This is all I have for today. There were other things that I was going to post about but my mind is racing from excitement!

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