Monday, June 22, 2009

What A Trickster!!

I just have to share a funny story about Christian. When he was a bit younger he was such a picky eater!! Literally would only eat about three different things. Hotdogs, goldfish, and any type of chip. Not the greatest menu, huh? Sometimes all he got was a hotdog. Sometimes he didn't eat at all!!

But he has since gotten a lot better. Every once in a while he will refuse to eat something but he has come a long way. So, anyways, we were out to eat the other night. We got Christian a chicken tenders meal that came with a few fries and a cookie for desert. He LOVES fries and wanted to eat them up right away but we took them away and made him eat the chicken first. He had maybe two out of the 4 strips. All his fries are gone and he has his cookie left. There was one little piece left of the tenders and we told him he had to eat that first and then he could get the cookie. So he shoves it in his mouth and starts chomping away. Matt puts the plate with a cookie on it in front of him and what does the little turd do????????

Take a guess!!!! No, seriously, what would a punk of a two-year-old do?

HE SPITS OUT THE CHICKEN ONTO THE PLATE AND GRABS THE COOKIE!! *gasp* In front of who knows how many eyes! I really hope nobody saw it. How embarrassing. That kid sure thought he fooled us good. Next time his mouth will be fully void of food before he gets desert.

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