Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things are going well in the sleep department

Last night I decided that I would do Sarah's bedtime routine an hour earlier than normal to see if that might actually help her sleeping later in the morning. Instead of going upstairs and nursing at 7:30pm we started at 6:30. She was tired! It didn't take her long at all and she was out. And this is where it can get tricky. I have to take her off ME and try to get the pacifier in her mouth. Sometimes she will open right up and take it and other times she turns her head all over trying to avoid it...all while in her sleepy coma. haha So it took a few tries last night but I finally got her to take it. She was in her bed by 7pm! Score for Mommy.

But then at 7:30 she woke up. :( I was hoping she would just pass back out but I had a feeling she was still hungry. She didn't nurse much at all before she passed out so I figured I would do us both a favor and feed her so she was full and I was empty! :) She was great and passed right back out after eating some more. And she slept until midnight!!! She had always seemed to wake up an hour and a half after she went down. Didn't matter when she went to bed it was always an hour and a half later. This four hour chunk of sleep is great! So she woke up at midnight and I changed and fed her then out her back down and she slept until 4am. Not bad at all! At least it wasn't 5am and she wanted to stay up for the day. I changed and fed her again and got her back to sleep. :) I was a little worried she was going to wake up at 5 again anyways. But it was 5:30 when I heard her. I turned down the monitor and hoped she would not back off. And I think we both did for a little bit. I woke up at 6 to both of them. So not sure who woke up first to whom!

At any rate, I'm calling this another good night. Now if we could cut out that middle of the night feeding altogether that would be PERFECT! Just going to have to pump her full of solids once I know she isn't allergic to it all. We still have a few to go to make sure they don't mess with her tummy or her skin.

So now it's 8:38am and she is napping. I put her down drowsy after nursing her and she fussed a bit then went to sleep. Same with yesterday's morning nap. So far so good! I'm just praying this is an easier transition. Easy on Mommy and easy on Sarah. Not every day will be this easy, I know, but we are off to a good start. More tweaking with the evenings feedings and bedtime routine and I think we will get it!

Bottle seems to be going well, too! We gave it a try yesterday with some water after she willingly tried to suck on Christian's big boy sippy spout cup that he tried to give her! So looks like I might actually get to leave the house WITHOUT my kids soon!

Hooray for a good week of progress!

!!!!!!!! <--And more exclamation points to show how excited I am!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

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