Saturday, June 27, 2009

So frantic!

Matt and I just feel flustered!! We feel like there is so much to do before I leave...and it's coming up fast!!

I have most of the kids' things packed, have to work on all my stuff, and then the every day things like toothbrushes and stuff. Yay!!!

On to Sarah: I got a hold of her Doctor and he would like her to be in the brace still. He said that even though the ultrasound was normal that still doesn't take away from the fact that her socket bone is still shallow. So she will stay in it a few months and he said we can get her an xray when we get to Grand Forks and go from there. He said she will most likely go in it for just naps and bedtime once we move.

Now Christian: We had to take him into the Ped's clinic to get his ears checked. I thought he might be getting a double ear infection. He was just wincing about his ears when I would take his shirts on and off and he wouldn't let me near them. Turns out it was probably the MEGA HUMONGOUS AMOUNTS OF WAX that were in his ears. The stuff she got out of there was shocking! I should have taken a picture. haha Of course he hated every second of her digging in his ears. He thrashed pretty hard one time and she scratched him. She said to try ear wax remover drops. So we put that in his ears the other day and he freaked. But they seem better. I can tug at them and he doesn't seem to mind. Will make the plane ride better, that's for sure!!

We are going to the pool today for one last romp in the sprinklers. We are meeting Madison there so they can play together.

Monday night (also my birthday!) I'm going out to dinner with a bunch of gals that I play BUNCO with. I had been planning on this before I even knew I was leaving so I'm sticking to the plan. It will be the last time I get to see them since I will be leaving the next day (there is a hint for those of you that don't know when I leave!!).

Hopefully I can get a few casseroles made for Matt so he isn't too hard up for making himself dinner when we leave. Poor guy is going to be a mess I think. We are down to the wire and we realize we are going to miss each other a lot. But time will fly and we will meet again! haha

All for now, I need to get some dishes done and pack a lunch for the pool!

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