Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matt ROCKS my socks!!

Not only did Matt get back ALLLLLL 7,000+ pictures of the kidlets...he got my Mother's Day/Birthday gift early and let me open it last week! :) Oh...and he is just special in general so that makes him rock even more!

So, I don't know what he did but it seems as though he took the hard drive out of the laptop and just hooked it up to HIS computer and got all the pictures. Every last one of them is now back - Phew! So now I will be able to post a few more pictures for you all to see!

On to my gift. I had been asking for a certain kind of present for well over a year now. Probably close to two. I had the car one day last week and before I went to pick him up he calls to say that I can't look at what he will have with him when he gets in the car. So I pull up to him and he has a big box with a blanket over it. I shut my eyes and let him shove it in the back. He makes me go inside when we get home and sit with my eyes closed on the couch. I think he was excited for me to get it, too. So I open my eyes and what do I see?

NEW POTS AND PANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the guys at his work gave him a TON of grief for buying me a set of pots and pans. But I have been asking for this FOREVER! I told him for Valentine's Day, my birthday, Mother's Day, our anniversary, Christmas, New years, Flag Day, Boxing Day, April Fool's Day...(you get the idea) that I wanted - no needed - a new set. But the day finally came when I would be able to rest my eyes upon a brand spanking new set.

He got me the Premier Professional Circulon 11-pc. set. I used it the other night to make chicken stir fry and it was fabulous. It didn't dry out the chicken like my old set did. And I made scrambled eggs last night and didn't even have to spray the pan! I could take a napkin and clean them out if I wanted to. They are super pretty, too. Here is a picture from the WWW:

Yes, Matt rocks my socks. :)

Other news that has happened since the last update:

Christian had his second speech therapy session. It went well. She is still really strict on him finishing up with one activity before moving on to another. And getting him to ask, one way or another, for something of hers. I have noticed that during the day I give in pretty easy to him so I have been making an effort to make him ask for almost EVERYTHING during the day. He isn't liking that too much today. We are working on some new signs - open, book, help, and up. We'll get there...I hope!

And Sarah has a tooth! I knew she was working on one for what seemed like over a month now. But it finally popped through two nights ago and I noticed it Wednesday morning. She seems to do okay with me not giving her pain meds all the time. Check out her toofer!

Do you see it?! It's on her bottom left side (right side looking at the picture). I hope that second one is soon to follow so I can just get them over with. Little Sarah Bear is growing up. :)

All for now, Christian is wanting up on my lap and I keep telling him no until he says 'up, please'. Not thrilled I'm making him do that but he needs to start talking and telling us his needs. :) Bye!

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