Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sarah's First Solids

This past week Sarah has been a bit unsettled while nursing. She just hasn't seemed fully satisfied, especially in the mornings and evenings. So on Thursday I decided to try some natural applesauce that I had in the pantry. She didn't do too bad for her first try! I wasn't going to start them for a while but with how she has been acting and the way she follows our food when we eat, I figured I wold give it a shot.

She still has the tongue thrust going on and wants to suck on the spoon like she is nursing but she is getting better! I gave her a bit more applesauce on Friday and she was SO excited to be eating it. It was super cute.

So here are some pictures and videos.

This is a video from Thursday:

And this is Friday's video. You can she how excited she is to be eating! haha

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