Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a day...

I am only 8 days into Matt being gone and it feels like 18. I don't know how single mothers do this. It's not fun. Not fun in the sense that I get no help, no breaks, no alone time. I love my kiddos but the added hands of The Husband is wonderful. I miss him.

He called tonight for a few minutes. He sounds worse today then the last time we talked. Very stuffy and very tired. Non-stop working for the exercise. I just hope he is getting enough sleep.

Christian was a turd all day. He woke up with a stuffy nose and then it ran all day. And he keeps taking his entire forearm and wiping his nose. ICK!!!!!! Once he even went to his little couch, picked it up, and ran it across his nose. Gross, dude. So I have to keep telling him he needs to use a tissue.

Sarah now has the sniffles and a runny nose. Hers started midday. I have no idea if it's a cold like what Christian may have or if she is TEETHING! She has been drooling a lot (more than the usual bucket fulls) the last few days and has been mauling her face with her hands. It's like her entire face itches and she takes her hands and beats herself up. I have to try and wrap her up in a blanket when I feed her so she doesn't poke her eye out. She also felt hot this evening. So I gave her some tylenol, put some teething tablets her gums, suctioned out her nose, and am praying for a peaceful night. We'll see how long that lasts.....

Sarah also has her 4-month well-baby visit tomorrow. I think she is growing quite well. She is in 6-month clothes and very few of her onesies fit anymore. And she ran out of sleepers!!! I'll update her stats when I get the time tomorrow.

I know I had more I wanted to blog about tonight but I can't think of them.... So, this is all for now!

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